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Plant list of 20 species for Maisgeir, Mull NM353.383 made on 7 August 2013 by Lynne Farrell, Ro Scott, Alistair Godfrey, Maurice Wilkins and Charlie Bateman.


Agrostis stolonifera (Creeping bent), Angelica sylvestris (Wild Angelica), Armeria maritima (Thrift), Atriplex patula (Common Orache), Bolboschoenus maritimus (Sea Club-rush), Carex otrubae (False Fox sedge), Cochlearia officinalis (Common Scurvy-grass), Festuca rubra ( Red Fescue), Glaux maritima (Sea- milkwort), Juncus gerardii (Saltmarsh Rush), Plantago lanceolata (Ribwort Plantain), Poa annua ( Annual Meadow-grass), Potentilla anserina (Silverweed), Rumex crispus ( Curled Dock), Sagina maritima (Sea Pearlwort), Sagina procumbens (Procumbent Pearlwort), Sedum anglicum (English Stonecrop), Silene uniflora ( Sea Campion), Spergularia marina (Lesser Sea-spurrey), Tripleurospermum maritimum (Sea Mayweed).  (Source : Lynne Farrell, 1st January 2014.)


Also see Lynne Farrell's Rare Plants Register produced in July 2013, for the rarer plants of Mull, Coll and Tiree, at


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