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The Art Bothy


The Art Bothy opened today,

A little hut we built ourselves.

We went down in a procession.

We brandished flags.

Brooms and mops and sticks,

With brightly coloured skirts and patterned sarongs.

We knocked in the last few nails

For the last few pictures.

We baked ginger cookies,

Raspberry lemonade from fruits we grew and picked and squashed.

We ate and drank and laughed.

On the grass by the sea.

Then we walked back up.


There were so many of us

We spilled onto the grass,

Sitting on duvets

By the friendly light of the nearby cottages.

The sun set, the night came.

If you broach the bubble of noise encircling us

Everything is still and silent.

I'm so hungry and so cold

But it doesn't matter

Because, for just a moment, everything is perfect.

I feel infinite.

And then we eat.

Plentiful, spreading warmth

Through aching bones.

The moon comes up,

Overshadowing us

With its bulbous red form.

I don't talk, I listen

To the different threads

Of the conversations enveloping me.

And to the comforting burbling of raucous voices

I fall asleep,

Looking at the stars.


Savannah Sandford





Polly Huggett


Liam Ryam


Rhoda Munro


Sophie Baker

The Gometra Gallery & Shop sells art, cards, stamps, books and fuel.  Basic food supplies kept in stock in summer months are a small selection tinned fruit, vegetables & fish; dried staples like pasta, couscous, rice & confectionery; and a few items of fresh fruit and vegetables.  For information please contact Rhoda Munro on spicypa73@yahoo.co.uk.

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